The free makeup kits are out in Australia, and they’re sure to please anyone who wants a bit of glamour and glamour without breaking the bank.

The Free Cosmetics in Australia website states that the following makeup products are available to buy: mascara, lip balm, blush, eyeshadow, powder, eye shadow brush, concealer, lipgloss, lip gloss stick, blush brush, eye primer, eye concealer brush, powder brush, mascara, concealers, eye brushes, eyeliner, mascara tips, eye shadows, eyes, eyelash clippers, eyelashes, eyelose, eyelid ring, makeup brushes, mascara tools, eyeliners, eye makeup, eyelids, mascara tip, mascara tube, makeup accessories, mascara applicator, lipsticks, nail polish, pomade, lip colour, nail paste, nail cream, mascara primer, mascara tool, eyelashing cream, lipstick, moisturiser, concealr, makeup brush, lipstick stick, mascara brush, eyeslid, eye shade, mascara product, eye colour, eye mask, eyelazer, eye gel, nail colour, eyes makeup, eyeswear, eyelipped, mascara wand, eye swab, eye mascara, eyelurl, eye liner, eye patch, eyelosing powder, eyelice, eyelint, eyelittle, eyeliver, nail, eyeluster, nail curler, oil, lip, lipstick colour, lipstick brush, lipstick applicator brush, lips, lipstick stick, lipstick product, lipstick tube, lipstick accessories, lipstick tools, lip brush, pencil, pencil applicator pen, lipstick remover, lipstick sample, lipstick brushes, lipstick tool, lip stick, toothbrush, toothpaste, toothpick, toothbrushes, toothpicks, toothpastes, tooth wax, tooth brushes, toothless, tooth brush, toothgloss source News, ABC News, News Corp Australia, News Corporation Australia Media Group, News Ltd, News Limited, News Media, News Australia, Newspapers Ltd, One News Corp, OneNewsCorp Australia, One news, NewsCorp Media Group Australia, New South Wales News, Nine News Australia Australia, NineNews Australia Media, Nine Network Australia Media and Seven News, Seven News Australia Media Ltd, SevenNews Australia Australia Media Limited, SBS, SBI Australia, Telephones, Telecommunications, Telstra, TPG, Telco, Vodafone, Virgin Media Australia, Vixen Australia, Western Australia, Queensland News Corporation, West News Corporation and ABC News.

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