By now, you’ve probably seen the makeup tutorials in magazines, blogs and online.

The trend has been growing exponentially and is now so prevalent that makeup is now an inescapable part of everyday life.

In fact, makeup is considered the first step to the perfect skin and the foundation for any complexion.

But what is the secret behind perfect makeup and how does it actually work? 

Here are five reasons why you should know about the secret makeup.1.

Perfect skin is all about the eyesThe eyes are one of the most important parts of your makeup.

The perfect eyes look natural, full of expression, and have a wide variety of colours to choose from. 

If you are wearing makeup, it is very important to choose the correct shade of colour that will make your eyes look most natural and natural looking. 

Here’s a quick list of the best makeup shades for eyes: Green: Red, Yellow, Orange, and Pink Black: Blue, Red, Orange and Black Magenta: Orange, Black, Black and White Magento: Pink, Yellow and BlackA perfect look is all part of a perfect skin. 

The beauty of makeup is to make it look as natural as possible and to make the most of every last drop. 

You need to find the perfect shade of eye makeup for your skin and make sure it’s compatible with your skin tone and skin tone-wise. 

This means that you have to match your eyes to your skin, not your makeup as the eyes are not interchangeable with the face.2.

The best makeup to use for all skin typesThe beauty and comfort of makeup are inextricably linked with the skin and skin texture.

Makeup that has been formulated for sensitive skin and can also be used on sensitive skin, such as the face, eyes, and lips, is ideal for sensitive people. 

In the past, makeup was marketed to women who are more sensitive and oily skin types.

Nowadays, people are finding that they are able to wear makeup that will also work on those types of skin.3.

Perfection comes from your foundationThe perfect makeup is one that is applied without any shimmer, highlighting, or colour-matching. 

Makeup that you apply with a powder or liquid foundation is the perfect foundation for all types of skins. 

I personally like to use a foundation that I’ve developed in the past. 

It can be a matte or shimmery, and if it’s not blended properly, it can look fake. 

For example, a matte foundation can look like it’s powdery, whereas a shimmery foundation can give a shimmer to the eyes. 

There are two types of foundations, which I will explain: Cream foundation: A cream foundation is a cream that is made up of cream and powder and it’s designed to be applied without a powder, but also to blend easily. 

Nourishing foundation: Nourishing is a combination of both a cream and a liquid foundation, and it is designed to make your skin feel soft and smooth, especially the face and neck. 


If you don’t have a natural foundation, it will be a lot easier to apply MakeupSafe foundationsA foundation can be the difference between perfect makeup or a perfect complexion. 

Many makeup brands make natural foundations. 

Natural foundations, such like MAC’s foundation, which is a mix of clay and natural pigments, can be applied easily and smoothly. 

They are very hydrating and absorb into the skin.

The foundation can also have a texture that’s not overly oily, making it easy to wear and look natural. 

Some brands even make them with a sponge, which makes it easy for people to apply and blend without having to apply makeup all over the face or lips. 


Your makeup should not be too pigmentedA makeup that is too pigdy or too heavy is very likely to result in a less natural complexion.

It also can result in oily skin that doesn’t look natural and also a darker skin tone. 

So, how do you know if you’re not getting the perfect look?

The best makeup for the skin is a makeup that’s light enough for your complexion to be able to blend in with your face, but not so heavy that it can cause your skin to look unnatural. 

A lighter foundation or a darker foundation will look more natural on your skin.

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