New Scientist article In a year of fashion fads, a few brands are taking the cosmetics world by storm.

And, yes, it’s not just about the fashions.

New Scientist looks at some of the new trends, including how brands are changing how consumers see cosmetics.

Read moreThe brands that dominate this year include New Look Cosmetics, which recently launched a new line of skin-care products called “The Biggest Faux Lipstick Ever.”

The name suggests a product that’s super-realistic and not-fake.

“We created the Biggest Fake Lipstick ever, because you’re going to be in the world of glamour and that you can’t fake it,” New Look CEO Emily Wightman said.

“That’s what we want people to look like, but they can’t really be fooled by a fake.”

She said New Look is trying to bring a “cleaner” approach to cosmetics.

“People are always looking for the freshest products and we want to bring people in with the fresest products,” Wightmans said.

But some of these new trends have also been gaining popularity.

As The Atlantic reported last year, people are increasingly looking for natural, everyday cosmetics.

The New Look line of lipsticks has been gaining attention in the US and Canada, and the brand has also launched a range of natural lip products, including an all-natural cream that is “so much better than any of the products you’ve been using before,” Wights said.

The brand’s makeup and hair products are also getting attention in Europe, with the company releasing a line of “natural” lip products called the L’Oréal Nude Collection, according to the Wall Street Journal.

But the brand’s “authentic” makeup and accessories are also gaining attention.

The trend is all about “what you can do with makeup, what you can wear makeup with, what makes your makeup stand out,” said Katherine T. Crouse, a brand consultant for Cosmeceuticals, a company that provides beauty services to the cosmetics industry.

Cosmeceutic is one of several cosmetic companies to partner with the cosmetics company, according, according the Journal.

The brand also has partnerships with the likes of Chanel, Lancôme, Marc Jacobs, and Prada.

“They’re all embracing it,” Crouse said.

Crouse said she’s not surprised by the popularity of cosmetics, but what’s interesting is that it’s happening in a time where the fashion industry is going through a renaissance.

“The beauty world is not as mainstream as it used to be,” she said.

“It’s more of a niche, but people are still trying to find that elusive beauty they want.”

Cosmeceric is one brand that is trying a new approach to the beauty world, with a new, all-encompassing makeup range.

It launched a makeup line called the Beauty of Beauty in January that includes all-in-one skincare and makeup products.

The Beauty of Life line includes two lip products and a “beauty palette,” which is essentially a beauty set of six lip products.

It is made up of three different lip products: a lip tint, an eyebrow pencil, and a lipstick.

The product line is similar to the ones that New Look launched last year.

But Crouse told The Atlantic that this time, Cosmecerics approach to makeup is a bit different.

“You can use them with the makeup on the day, you can use it with the foundation, you could use them as a lip gloss, or a highlighter, or you can blend them together,” she explained.

“Instead of using a lip, or the makeup that’s applied on your face, you have the product that you apply on your lips and you blend it together.”

“You’re using the product to make the product look more like your face,” she added.

Cosméceutical has partnered with Cosmeced, which is a beauty-care company, in an attempt to capture the consumer’s attention, she said, by giving them a product to use on the spot.

“What Cosmecate is trying is to be more like a brand than a beauty brand, because that’s where the beauty is,” she told The Magazine.

“It’s about the product.”

Crouse noted that many cosmetic companies are focusing on making products that are “tastier, feel better, and have better ingredients.”

She also said Cosmeces focus is on making the cosmetics as natural as possible.

“When you have a natural product, there’s less oil and dirt, there are less chemicals in it, there is no fragrance, and there is zero packaging,” she noted.

“And that is a very important thing.”

She added that the Cosmecean brand “has done a lot of work with the science of how skin reacts to different ingredients, and that’s one of the reasons they are really embracing what we are doing.”

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