Kylie and Kyly Cosmetics have joined forces to create a line of beauty accessories that they claim will help “make people’s skin shine” and “give the body a spark.”

The new line of products will be available starting November 15 and will include makeup brushes, eyeshadow palettes, eyes and eyeliner, blush and lipsticks, mascara, and foundation.

“With Kylie’s new makeup line, Kylie will be able to be herself, to be her own brand, and to celebrate her beauty with makeup,” Kylie said in a statement.

“Kylie will now be able create products that will be fun, safe, and make people’s makeup look amazing.”

The products will come in two shades of red, which will be the same shade of the shade of her face.

She also has a special edition of a lip pencil in the “beauty color” Kylie Palette.

Kylie has previously said that her makeup is all about being “true to who I am, in a fun, fun, smart way.”

The makeup line will come with a limited edition Kylie Brow Brow, a “beautiful brow pencil” that is the same color as her brows, and a lip brush that will also be available in the Kylie Couture collection.

The Kylie Beauty Collection is a limited-edition collection that is sold exclusively through

The line will be sold at the same time as the Kylies Kylie Collection, which is scheduled to launch November 12.

Kylies new line is set to be available online for $59.99.

Kyly’s Makeup Line will also include “a full line of makeup products for women,” including a lip and eye pencil, a cheek brush, a eyeliner pencil, and makeup brushes.

“The Kylie line of affordable makeup accessories is designed to be fun and stylish and offer a simple way to add a little spark to your look,” Kyly said in the statement.

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